About Me

My name is Lizzy and I run The Flower Story. Having loved flowers since I was little, I have been thinking about and plotting my floristry career for years. But things are never that simple, are they? In my 20s, I decided that a career in television was calling and I headed off in that direction. It was wonderful and creative but my love of flowers never left me. In my spare time, I would read about flowers and grow them on my allotment or in my garden. If I ever went to a wedding or a smart hotel, I would study the flowers to work out how they were put together.

So, even though I loved my job, there was always a part of me wondering, what if …

And those thoughts got louder and louder until I decided the time was right and I had to go for it. Over the years, I have trained and worked with some of the best florists from around the world. And, even though the early starts on cold winter days are always a shock to the system, working surrounded by beautiful flowers makes it all worthwhile.

So, here I am on my latest creative adventure with a diary full of the most gorgeous weddings and events.

Apart from flowers, what do I like? Well, I’m partial to a slice of homemade chocolate cake, I like films where not a lot happens, and I love the sound of the dog gently snoring after a long walk in the country.