All things foliage

Foliage is a massive trend right now. Earlier this year Pantone announced that the colour of 2017 was greenery.  Hailed as the colour of new beginnings, it also brings to mind nature, the outdoors and a wonderful sense of freshness.

When working with flowers for weddings and events it is always the foliage that we place first. Traditionally foliage frames and helps to hold the flowers in place. Quite often when this initial stage is complete I don't want to add in the flowers.  Foliage often looks so beautiful and structural in its own right that adding flowers seems a shame. 

The key to working with just foliage is texture and form.  Choosing different sizes of leaf, different shades of green and then adding the odd surprise all make foliage arrangements really exciting.

Last year we had a few weddings who were bold enough to go for just foliage arrangements and this year I have even more. I can't wait, this is one trend that I hope will go on and on.

Rustic wooden crate full of foliage and berries

Textured mini trees for receptions tables

Hanging chandelier full of eucalyptus, ferns and amaranthus

Large urn piece full of foliage, herbs and viburnum

Delicate and textured buttonhole

Top table greenery piece full of foliage, hydrangeas and seed heads.  Image by Becky Kerr Photography