Laura's freeform garden bouquet

I love every bouquet that leaves the workshop. So much thought and time goes into each one.  When I make it I am thinking of the couple, especially the bride and all the discussions we have had over the past few months. As I stand (mostly in a freezing cold workshop in my granny slippers) piecing everything together I always take a minute to think about what my brides are up to at that exact moment in time. I often imagine them chilling out with a glass of champagne but I know that often isn't the case! 

When the bouquet (and everything else) leaves the workshop I have to move onto the next design. So when I get sent professional photos of a couple's day it is exciting to see the flowers. Laura sent me a few photos of her bouquet recently and it was wonderful to see how Lauren at Sung Blue Photography had captured them.  Laura's brief to me was a freeform garden scoop of flowers and was full of garden roses, ammi, cosmos and dahlias.  The colours she went for were gentle pinks and greens.  I absolutely adore the photos and love love love the casual 'slung over the shoulder look'.  Perfect for a rustic country wedding.

PS How beautiful is the back of Laura's dress!

Lizzy Jones