A look back on 2017



2017 was an incredible year. So many couples, so many beautiful commissions and a lot of gorgeous flowers. 

 A big thank you to my amazing freelancers who helped bring flower ideas to life, I couldn't have done it without you. Kerry, Elice, Lorraine, Sue and Noleen. You are a super talented flower gang.

I was going to write a long blog piece about the year but, after looking through all the photos, I think I'll just let a few of last year's images tell the story.

Thank you to the following photographers, 

Brightside Photography, Summer Lily Studios, Aaron Collett Photography, Matt Brown Photography, Sung Blue PhotographyHannah Hall Photography, Blue Sky photography, Natalie J Weddings, Dan Morris Photography, Richard Galloway Photography, Darren Gair Wedding Photography, Rebecca Jayne Photography, Faye Cornhill Photography, Emma Brooks Photography, Kirsty Mackenzie Photography and Tom Halliday.